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I now have 2 females and 5 males, tiny teacups and tiny toys.

These are just thumbnails. Read Details on each puppy in gallery on above link.

If you are trying to access any of the photo galleries, they do not play on i-phone or I-pads, as they are 'flash-driven' programs, but any computer will show them.

I encourage you to look at the galleries, as they are great photos and extensive description of the puppy, as well, but if you do not have access, below are the two little teacup boys I currently have for sale.  Size and price are on puppies-for-sale tab.

Click here to see the 'past' puppies gallery featuring "SOLD and PAST PUPPIES" -- awesome!!!

I thank you for visiting the site and hope you find it enjoyable, informative and easy to navigate. 

You will find Yorkies and Yorkie-Pom puppies here!  You can see parents, as well! 

There is a lot of information, as you can see on the menu bars to your left!  Please help yourself and have a good time browsing the site.  The photo galleries are flash driven, but you should have that after viewing the introduction, which precedes this page.  It should be automatically handled, but you'll need to enable active 'X', if prompted!!  ENJOY!!! 


What do they want MORE than: 

    Flowers??    Chocolates??  OR  Diamonds??          a Yorkie Puppy

'doesn't last long'        'too fattening'       'doesn't love you back'            YESSSSS!!!!!!!       

Be the hero with the gift that keeps on giving.....

All puppies come with 'full' registration and 'most' of them are in the teacup category. 
They are 'ALL' in the 'toy' size range and 'paper-trained'.   
They are fully and properly immunized and come with a 1-yr. health guarantee! 
They just also happen to be gorgeous, loving, playful, healthy and totally adorable!!!


Please feel free to contact me via email or on the old-fashioned telephone! (210-647-1777)
Thanks again for visiting!!!  (I 'love' the traffic!!!)

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